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Postcards Received

Updated: May 20, 2022

These are the post cards that have been received so far.

Lottery system will go into effect on May 15th and a final race roster will be published early June. I'll try and get this updated as cards show up.


David Sandager

David Sundheim

Chuck Picard

Lynnette Provost

Ted Duepner

Richard Franco

Scott Holloway

Tony Lane

Chuck Hermes

Abby Musegades

David Strachan

Todd Hale

Tammy Hale

Kyle Johnson

Brad Nidersson

Mike Raum

John Ganske

Levi Lowell

Paul Mayer

John Shirley

Nico Shirley

Jason Oberg

Brodie Rau

Tim Bauer

Mike Allmendinger

Ryan Haug

Mike Robertson

Craig Andrews

Tracy Norman

Jack Reher

Hayley Koop

Alex King

Andy Magnotto

Dan Cruser

Elliot Dorow Hovland

Corey Nygaard

James Ball

John Struchynski

John Hanson,

Matt Engen

Kevin Kos

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