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Eight Rules

  • All riders are responsible for themselves and their actions, which includes a bailout plan (the race will not be picking up riders if they cannot finish).

  • All traffic laws must be followed! 

  • Ride as far right as possible, these are open roads with cars moving at backroads speeds (that is fast if it is a teen driver, mind numbingly slow if an "old Norwegian farmer").

  • Only ride roads marked on the cue sheet. There is very little public land around here.

  • The only aid station and restroom while riding will be at Inspiration Peak. Please ensure your "nature breaks" are off the road and discrete.

  • DON’T LITTER for any reason. 

  • Helmets and a rear light are mandatory. The nearest bike shop is 20 miles away so make sure they get packed.

  • Finally, as always, follow The Golden Rule. Be kind and polite to each other and the public. You’re directly representing us (Joe and Julia) who live here and whose friends and family you will be riding past. God help me if I hear about some rude spandex clad litter bug next time I'm at the Shoreline for coffee with the boys.

Race Waiver

You can read, print, and sign a race waiver prior to race day.


Weather happens, watch the forecast, dress appropriately, and plan to carry enough fluids. The race will be canceled in the event of sever weather; you know, stuff that could kill you if not sheltered (lightning, tornados, sever thunderstorms, etc.). 



  • How much does it cost?

    • The cost of a postcard plus whatever you want to add. We are spending some money on the the event; some cash would be cool but not necessary! My Venmo is @Joe-DeMars-3 if you're insisting.

  • Is it a race?

    • We will have an open podium 5 deep. It's up to the riders to race.​

  • Are there different categories?

    • Nope. It's a mass start, all aged, co-ed, free-for-all.​

  • What type of bike do I need?

    • Don't ride an e-bike and expect a chance at the podium, other than that we are not requiring a "type" of bike. Ride a fixed-gear fat bike if you want. I'd recommend having at least a 33mm tire or bigger. The gravel around here can get really loose and sandy. I've found 40mm tires to be a sweet spot.​

  • Can I register early or by email?

    • Nope. Buy or make a postcard and see that it gets here between April 1st and August 1st.

  • Free camping?

    • We do have some land so email us if you need a spot to pitch a tent. We're not doing anything official this year so you're more or less on your own for amenities.​

  • How will I know if I'm selected to race?

    • As things progress we will add a race roster and potentially a waiting list to the site. Email communication with details will begin the week of the race.  

  • Cyclocross finish?

    • Yeah, people said it was hard. The goal is to slow down the end of the race, allow spectators to cheer, test riders technical abilities, and see who has any gas in the tank. There is nothing wrong with marching your bike across the finish line.

  • After the race?

    • Hang out around the grill and cooler telling war stories while we cheer in riders as they finish. Fingers crossed for good weather. At least the finish line is fairly protected from the wind.

  • Can I bring a chess board?

    • Yes. It costs a pale ale to play against any race organizer.

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