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Let's do this again!

Updated: 4 days ago

Here we go for year two! We're hoping to keep the route more or less the same as last year; with any luck we will not have freshly graded roads for you to ride on the day. Expect a spicy cross finish if you're interested in bonus time!

If you sent in a card or rode last year send us an email to sign up again. The following people are coming back and I'll start posting postcards as I receive them.

  1. Derek Harnish

  2. Rhonda Nygaard

  3. Craig Andrews

  4. Nick Nygaard

  5. Race Rolling

  6. Michael Raum

  7. Dave Nygaard

  8. Abby Musegades

  9. Brodie Rau

  10. James Vancura

  11. Kurt Kopperud

  12. David Strachan

  13. Cory Hoffmann

  14. Raymond Rolling

  15. Glenda Marsh

  16. Ed Shaw

  17. Jason Oberg

  18. Wendy Auldrich

  19. Juliet Rojas

  20. Wayne Carlson

  21. Cindy Argue

  22. Jack Reher

  23. Matt Stenerson

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