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'24 Roster

Updated: May 18

Here we go again! This year we decided to add two more bumpy miles and knock off about 400 feet of climbing from last years route. All said and done you're looking at an honest 75 miles with about 3,800ft of rolling hills. With the DaMN going on this year we are not expecting to see several heavy hitters from years past, including two time champ Nick Nygaard. The hand carved bowl is up for grabs in 2024!

Below is the list of who we have heard from.If you don't see your name within a week of sending off a postcard, email us to see what's up. Should we hit well over 100 entries the we will enforce a lottery system.

  1. Brodie Rau

  2. John Hoekstra

  3. Kurt Koppenrud

  4. David Strachan

  5. Jack Reher

  6. Gavin Miller

  7. Abby Musegades

  8. Elliot Dorow Hovland

  9. Doug Dorow

  10. Steve Wood

  11. Steve Christopher

  12. Marc Haverkamp

  13. Jimmy Vancura

  14. Kermit Boyum

  15. Gabe Lindstrom

  16. Ian Breitlow

  17. Race Rolling

  18. Ethan Martinson

  19. Tina Erickson

  20. Paul Kleinschmidt

  21. Jennifer Smith

  22. Richard Franco

  23. Payton Berger

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