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The Hollo
Gravel Classic

Race it or ride it, we don't care so long as you enjoy the ride. The Hollo Gravel Classic takes riders through the glacial hills, prairies, hollows, and lakes of West Central Minnesota. 

Starting in the town of Battle Lake riders head south through the rolling farmlands, prairie lakes, and hollows of Tordenskjold township before climbing Trefoldighed, passing the race's namesake Hollo Lake and heading east across the windswept fields of Clitherall township. The race then meanders south between lakes and across rolling hills towards the Leaf Mountains which offer punchy climbs and stunning views. Upon entering the Leaf Mountains the race continues westward crossing Eagle Lake township and the northern “foothills” of the Seven Sisters Prairie conservation site. Riders will then head northward traversing the sharp climbs of Tordenskjold as they make their way back towards the cyclocross inspired finale in Battle Lake. 

The 70ish mile route was designed specifically by locals to showcase some, but not all, of our favorite roads.


Race registration

When & Where

August 10, 2024 - 9:00 AM

Battle Lake, MN

Enter the Lotto

Send a sweet looking postcard to:

Hollo Gravel Classic

106 W. Dunton St.

Battle Lake, MN



Include the following items to be qualified in the lottery. 


1. Name and Email.

2. "I, ________ understand that this is an unassisted race and I am responsible for myself."

3. "I _________ have read and agree to the race rules."

4. Names of others in your party, if any.

Postcards will be accepted between April 1st and August 1st. After that date cards will be considered until we reach registration cap. At the moment the registration cap is a soft 100. I'll try and keep parties together but cannot promise perfection.

Getting There

getting here

We're in Battle Lake, MN

We are a long hour from Fargo, ND and three long hours from Minneapolis/St.Paul, MN.

From Fargo take East 94 until you get to the HWY210 eastbound exit past Fergus Falls. . . stay on 210 until you hit Battle. Turn left (north) at the four way stop. 

From the cities take West 94 until the Ashby exit, head north on HWY78 until you get to Battle. 

Once you're here make yourself at home. The race start/finish is down the gravel road west of the Battle Lake Inn and Good Samaritan Center located on HWY 78 on the north side of town.

Where to Stay
Battle Lake

For those not riding

I appreciate those that are looking to support their rider. Here are some things you can do while they're gone for several hours.

  • Go cheer riders on!

    • HWY 78 cuts the route in half, so it really would be pretty straight forward to get out to different parts of the course and cheer people on. 

  • Go to the state park. 

    • Family friendly park with a bike trail from town that is 11 miles total. Ride or drive out to Glendalough and go for a hike, swim at the beach of Anne Battle, fish, or just look at the prairie grass blow in the wind. 

  • Go swimming in Battle Lake.

    • There are a few obvious public beaches that are fine, but let me know if you want the hot details on locals only spots to swim.

  • Go to a park.

    • Play frisbee golf at the school or take the kids to one of the local parks.

  • Prospect House Civil War Museum

    • Get a guided tour from Jay and his dog Katie. ​Expect stories.

  • Go eat and drink.

    • There are several restaurants, bars, and breweries in the area. Town is only a mile or so wide so you can walk everywhere.

  • Come hangout at the finish line around 1PM. 

    • We will be cheering riders in as they have to wiggle their way through our ode to cyclocross finale. With any luck we will have some festivities going on as well.

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