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Race Details

Updated: Aug 14, 2022

You may have received an email with this information already but I thought that I would have a post of the information as well. (Ryan at The Fox photo credit

  1. Battle Lake Map

  2. Points of interest map (here). Be sure to zoom out a bit as a few things are out of town.

  3. The Hollo Race Route (starting as close to 9am as possible)

  4. We will provide cue sheets during sign-in.

  5. Download the file to your device (here).

  6. Race cutoff time is 4:30pm (average pace of 9.3 mph)

  7. Sign-in and release waiver submission

  8. Must sign a Race Waiver to get your bib number and packet.

  9. Friday night at our front porch 5-9PM 106 W. Dunton St. Battle Lake, MN 56515

  10. Saturday morning 7-8:30am at the north end of the parking lot at Battle Lake School 402 Summit St W, Battle Lake, MN 56515

  11. Parking

  12. Use the Battle Lake School Parking Lot 402 Summit St W, Battle Lake, MN 56515

  13. Aid Station

  14. We will have an aid station near the Inspiration Peak parking lot. There is shade, a restroom, water, bike repair, and we will try to have some basic fruit/food on hand. While everyone can ride the route at their own pace we will be pulling volunteers back towards the finish line based on a 9.3 mph pace. In other words the aid station will be in place until 1:15pm. Please let us know if you fall below this pace and we will try to accommodate if needed (see phone numbers below).

  15. Camping

  16. Camping will be available Friday and Saturday nights. The campground is an open field with bordering spruce trees. I highly recommend bringing a tarp to put under your tent as the cut grass will likely not be soft. Let me know if you plan to hammock and I can make sure to clear some brush around some trees. The “campground” is behind the Good Samaritan on Glenhaven Ln. See Battle Lake points of interest map above.

  17. Post-Race

  18. We’re planning to have something to eat along with cold drinks at the finish line.

  19. We will have the five deep podium shortly after those riders roll in.

  20. Then in the evening several of us are going to head up to Stella’s Pizzeria and Pub in Battle Lake for the unofficial post-race party. In a perfect world we would be up there by 6ish, join in if you would like!

  21. Not going to finish?

  22. If you drop out during the event, you MUST contact one of the race organizers. Text or call Joe 480-234-8593 or Julia 218-282-0227 or Ryan 651-274-8237

  23. The race is unsupported and you’re on your own out there. If you find yourself in a tough spot and don’t have a friend, call 911.

  24. If it is truly just a matter of getting back to town, and you have no one else, call Joe, Ryan, or Julia and we will try to figure something out for you.

  25. Sick?

  26. If you are not feeling well, please do not race, no one else wants to get sick. Just give us a heads up via email prior to the race and I’ll guarantee entry next year.

  27. Repairs

  28. Isaac Hale from Wadena has offered his mechanical expertise and tools for any unexpected bike problems riders may have. Be sure to check out his tent with some bikes he built near the start/finish.

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